TONGLING : “the new recycling area for metalscrap in China”

Following the new planning of the central chinese gouvernment, new recycling zones are being build, more inland, in order to protect the chinese environment. These “closed” zones are build in a modern style, in order to control the area, the business and, with that, protecting the environment in the best possible way.

The recycling zone in Tongling, Anhui Province, at the banks of the Yangtze River, is founded on sept. 23rd, 2014 and has a total size of 1.332.000 M2, around 11 scrapyards are build inside  and the Park has  its own central Administration & Management and a customclearance area combined with a seaport terminal at the riverside, which is expected to be operative by end of 2016. The parkmanagement is cooperative with local and central gouvernment, which result in fast and onside inspections of imported goods for the business at the Park.

The Tongling Alba Miracle Recycling Co., Ltd. Is a brandnew, multifunctional scrapyard, build in 2014 with latest design and environmental protection systems, total size round 52.000M2 from which approx. 27.000M2 inside industrial working areas.

Randex BV is proud to have been teammember during the construction of the yard in 2014 and is now appointed to be European Agent for buying scrapmetals.
Depending on licenses and marketdevelopment, the startup will be with electric motorscraps and other non ferrous metals will follow later.
UPDATE 2016 !!! DUE TO RECENT ASIAN MARKETCONDITIONS, THIS YARD / BUSINESS IS (till further notice) NOT IN USE for import scrapmetals !!!

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